The term entropy describes the physical quantity of disorder within a system. The more entropy, the less order.
We want to conquer the stringent order of everyday life with a liberating mess made up of love, culture and hedonism. Experience has proven this to work best open-air and in the countryside.

Though life is not entirely made up of partying, we also see entropie as a stage for critical thoughts. This is why we will also have workshops, political lectures and theatre on our timetable, besides Techno, Psytrance and Bands.
We disapprove with the capitalist logic of economic valuation. None of us earn money with the event, all prices serve only to cover the expenses of the festival itself.

If we generate a revenue-surplus through a well attended entropiefestival, we will use these exclusively for supporting left-wing projects and creating an even better while equally cheap festival in the next year.

Please notice: We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. If you experience or observe any, we will help you. More on-site in our programme.

All of us are looking forward to an incredibly wonderful party with you. See you there!

The entropie will take place on a gorgeous farmyard within beautiful nature. Trees, bushes, old masonry and generous lawns build the foundation for an appealing floor and stage design.


16269 Wriezen


2.34728347289374, 4.234238748237



shuttle bus

The cheapest and easiest way of your arrival and departure is our shuttle bus departing from Strausberg Nord (S5), which will bring you to the festival site in about 30 minutes. You can book your shuttle ticket for both directions while ordering your festival ticket. As soon as we finished our schedule, you will be informed via e-mail. In the login-area of our website you then will be able to reserve seats at a departure time fitting for you. People waiting at the trainstation without shuttle ticket need to hope for free seats or take the more expensive public busservice (see public transport).

public transport

The closest bus station is “Homburgshöhe”. Take the S-Bahn to “Strausberg Nord” or a train to “Wriezen”. There are a couple of busses departing from these stations. Also, from “Wriezen” you’re only facing a 20 minutes walk to our festival site. We will inform public transportation services about the “heightened ridership” within these days. Unfortunately there are no public busses departing from the festival site on sunday. People without shuttle tickets will need to hope for free seats or leave via train from “Wriezen”.

by car

If you need a parking space for your car, you can book it separately. Parking costs 15 € per car. They are strictly limited, since we don’t want to evolve into a traffic jam. Also, arriving by car is not the most eco-friendly or secure alternative. We recommend you not to leave your car on the roadside next to our festival site.
The final programme will be relaesed a few weeks before the event. Throughout the afternoon, there will be bands playing a variety of genres like punk, rap and balkan within a georgeous old farmyard. For the nighttime, this area will transform into a techno floor. Amongst a few beautiful trees on an orchard, we will start with some Techno-DJs in the afternoon, followed by Progressive- and Psytrance throughout the night. On a potato field at the forest edge , there will be a stage for political content, theatre, Singer/Songwriters , Jamsessions and much more.
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